Jul 14 2024


The Gathering Place Church
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Freedom Counseling

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” - Galatians 5:1a

What is Freedom Ministry?

Sometimes things in life have helped deal us a hand that is truly difficult to overcome without someone walking alongside of us for a season. The Gathering Place Church is equipped and ready to help you move into the life God desires for you. Jesus came to earth so that you may have life. That means life to the full. Life abundant. Not barely surviving, but truly living! It means days that begin with gladness and nights that end in peaceful sleep. It means days filled with hope, joy, love, and purpose. This is the kind of life God always intended for you to have.

We truly believe you can move beyond your yesterday in order to be the person God has redeemed you to be today! You no longer have to be bound by your past experiences, your mistakes, or the lies of this world.

What To Expect


We will care for you and treat you with respect. Solutions from God’s Word for daily living. Everything to be balanced by grace and truth. Personal prayer ministry time in each session. Hearing God speak personally and clearly to you. Accountability as you seek healing. Your privacy will be protected (except where there is a legal requirement to involve others).


Honesty and vulnerability. Give us time. New life patterns take time to develop. A willingness to grow and change. Commitment to the process. Effort to complete the assigned homework. Attending regularly and arriving on time.

Sign-up for counseling

Counseling Ministry Opportunities

Marriage Challenges

Family Dynamic

Parenting Struggles

Divorce Care

Grief / Loss

Spiritual Struggles

Communication / Conflict Resolution

Social Anxiety

Eating Disorders



Substance Addiction: detox required

Pornography Addiction



Anger / Bitterness

Guilt / Shame

Worry, Fear & Anxiety

Premarital Counseling

If you are thinking about marriage, we would love to partner with you to ensure your marriage starts off on the right foot and to help you discover God’s amazing truths regarding marriage! You will be paired with a mature, trained, marriage-mentor couple for an interactive 8-week premarital experience, which will help you each prepare personally and spiritually.

After your wedding, your marriage-mentor couple will walk alongside of you… providing encouragement, insight, and perspective for the first year of your marriage. They have walked the path you are on and successfully navigated the situations and struggles you will encounter.

Premarital Counseling sessions are by appointment only and require the forms below. Please submit all paperwork to The Gathering Place Church, Attn: Sonya Hendricks, PO Box 635, Moody, AL 35004. Once the forms are received, our Freedom Counseling Minister will contactyou.

Know God.
Experience Freedom.
Be Empowered.



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