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God has blessed our local church in supernatural ways. In 5 short years The Gathering Place Church family has grown from a handful of people to over 2,500 who call TGP home.


Since the beginning, we have facilitated growth in the most conservative and creative ways possible. We have utilized schools, vacant industrial buildings, and vacated retail space. By occupying leased spaces, we have been able to remain flexible, minimizing cost in order to one day have a home of our own.


We now believe the time has come to take the biggest step of faith our church has ever taken. We believe that God is leading us to build TGP’s first home! Last year God provided 40 acres for TGP in the heart of Moody. With love and generosity, you sacrificially gave toward this opportunity. In 4 months, we raised the entire amount for the land and paid cash.


It is now time to move FORWARD by building a facility that can facilitate ministry and missions for our growing church family. This new site will provide much needed space that will allow us to continue leading people into a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It will also serve as a training/mobilization hub for mission leaders, new churches and new church leaders.


We are so excited about this next step in our journey! We have all been touched by God through our TGP faith family, and our hope is to create a bigger space so that God can continue to change lives!


Forward Movement Pastor Matt Scott October 2nd, 2016

In week 1 of "Forward", Pastor Matt introduces the Forward Initiative, and discusses why God has called us to be a forward moving people.



Heart of the Matter Pastor Matt Scott October 9th, 2016

In Week 2 of "Forward", Pastor Matt discusses the heart, and what we need to do develop a generous and grateful one.



The Giving Ladder Pastor Matt Scott October 16th, 2016

In Week 3 of "Forward", Pastor Matt dissects the progression we as Christians go through as givers, and the importance of each of those steps.



Commitment Sunday Pastor Matt Scott October 23th, 2016

In Week 4 of "Forward", Pastor Matt wraps up the series and kicks off our Forward Initiative.